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The Man of 10,000 Lives

He just keeps going, and going, and going...

Doctor Daniel Jackson
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Physcial Description:
Dr. Jackson is relatively tall (6'0), thin, but still kind of muscular
for someone who does a bit of exercise on a daily basis.. Moderately
good looking, with brilliant eyes that clearly show inquisitiveness
and intelligence, but he is also kind of geekish. He keeps his brown
hair cut short, but not military style. He also wears glasses, which
adds to his geekiness. He can see without his glasses somewhat, but
if he is in a situation where he cannot wear his glasses, he will wear
contacts. He often becomes caught in his studies and will forget to
do things such as shaving, which makes him often sporting some

Special or Unique Abilties:

There are very few people who have the mental tenacity that Daniel
Jackson has. He's open to possibilities and this allows him to make
connections between two seemingly non-related things. Daniel can make
sense of the connections in common language, too, for others to

Dr. Jackson just has a certain way with people that is uncanny. They
take well to him, so he is often used as liaison between SG-1 and the
indigenous people they come into contact with. He also is used in
tense situations, such as, negotiations. Dr. Jackson also seems to
have a similar effect on animals; they just like him.

Dr. Jackson has a knack for languages and knows at least twenty three
different ones, but likely more. He knows how to both speak and write
in these languages. When approaching a new language, his knowledge of
other languages comes into play and he will often be able to connect a
language that he already knows with the one that he's encountering.

While Dr. Jackson has a knack for hurt, and sometimes even killed, he
also has a knack of being able to come through the problem somehow,
relatively unscathed. It's a dual luck factor, but up until now, it
has really served him well. Dr. Jackson seems to be aware of this,
even on the most remote level, because he is apt to throw himself into
a new situation without completely thinking it through, without any
consideration for his own safety.

Dr. Jackson also is just plain lucky, one of those people who will be
in the right place, at the right time. One such example of this is
how he figured the last coordinate of the Stargate in the first place:
by seeing a constellation on a newspaper.

Not really an ability, but it something important to note. Dr. Jackson
has a strong sense of right and wrong. If he feels the military is
asking him to do something that goes against what he feels is just, he
will go out of his way to do what is right, despite what repercussions
that could come down on him.

Special or unique Skills:

Dr. Jackson holds at least two doctorates: one in Archaeology, and
another most likely in Linguistics of Anthropology. However, Dr.
Jackson also has done substantial work in the field of Egyptology. He
also has some experience in Geology. In any case, he has experience
in all of these fields of study.

Dr. Jackson has some skill in the field of midwifery. This came by
learning while in the process and is not something that he is licensed

Dr. Jackson also knows how to handle Earth guns and military special
issue weapons (such as Zats).

Dr. Jackson is a formally ascended being. While he has his memory
from before he became Ascended, memories from his life as an Ascended
being are returning slowly.


Daniel is the son of Archeologists, Dr. Claire and Dr. Melburn
Jackson. When he was very young, he witnessed the terrible deaths of
his parents as they were putting together an exhibition at the New
York Museum of Art. His maternal grandfather, Nick Ballard, also an
archaeologist, was only interested in his own career and did not take
in eight year old Daniel. Because of this, Daniel suffered years in
the foster care system, being bumped from home to home. At age 16,
the brilliant youth graduated from high school and started university.
In his years of undergraduate and graduate schooling, he studied at
UCLA and at the Oriental Institute in Chicago, specializing in the
fields of archaeology, Egyptology, linguistics and anthropology.
While in Chicago, he studied under the notable Dr. Jordan, and
alongside Sarah Gardner, the future host of Osiris. After school,
Daniel entrenched himself in academia, publishing articles, and most
likely seeking a post in a University. In 1996, while Daniel was
lecturing on the pyramids, and how they weren't actually created by
the ancient Egyptians. Because of this, he was laughed out of his
field, and any recognition he did have was suddenly lost.

After this terrible incident, Daniel was saved by Catherine Langford,
the daughter of the scientist who had first unearthed the Stargate in
1926. She brought Daniel to the Cheyenne base where he was able to
identify, in a matter of minutes, all of the mistakes that were made
in the translation of what was on the tablets that accompanied the
Stargate and also identified the name Stargate. It is because of
Daniel that the last symbol, the point of origin, was identified--a
feat that had stumped Langford's team (including among them Samantha
Carter) for two years. Soon after this, the first team, including
Daniel and O'Neill, was sent through the Stargate, to Abydos.

On Abydos, Daniel, O'Neill and O'Neill's men met the Abydonians and it
was with the help of The Ra medallion (which Langford had given Daniel
for good luck) and a 5th Avenue bar that they were able to befriend
these people. It was also because of the medallion that Kasuf gave
Sha're to Daniel as a gift.

O'Neill and Daniel were able to defeat Ra (by blowing up his ship with
a nuke that had been intended to blow up the Stargate), but Daniel
chose to remain on Abydos and make a new life with his new life and

One year later, O'Neill contacted Daniel (with a box of tissue and a
message in return: "Bring more") and eventually went back to Abydos to
seek Daniel's help. While Daniel, Samantha and O'Neill were in a room
that contained possibly millions of Gate Addresses on Abydos, Apothis
attacked the Abydos gate, kidnapping both Sha're and Skarra.

Daniel's original reason on joining SG-1 was to save his wife--which
he was never able to do. Three years later, Teal'c was forced to kill
Sha're (who was being controlled by the Goa'uld Ammonet) in order to
save Daniel's life. For a bit of time, Daniel wanted to leave SG-1,
but he eventually decided to stay because he had to find Sha're's
child. Upon finding the child, he found a guardian for the child in
the form of a powerful being named Oma Dasala. This being became very
important to Daniel's existence two years later.

While on P9Y-4C3, the homeworld of Jonas Quinn, Daniel suffered
radiation poisoning from a device that is powered by Naquadriah.
While Daniel is dying back in the SGC, Oma Dasala appeared to him and
offered him a new path: to become Ascended. With a great deal of
contemplation, Daniel ultimately ed

In the year he spent as an Ascended being, Daniel mainly observed, but
there are certain instances where he could not just observe. While
O'Neill and Teal'c are close to dying, he visited them and eases them
through their pain. In O'Neill's case, he offered Ascension, but
O'Neill refused.

Daniel lost his status as an Ascended being after aiding SG-1 with
finding the Eye of Ra and then attempting to battle the Demi-Ascended
being Anubis.

Once being deacsended, Daniel is placed on Vis Uban, naked and without
a memory. He is taken in by the people on this world and eventually
he is reunited with SG-1 With a bit of time, his memory of his former
life came back to him, however, the memory of his life as an Ascended
being was gone…for the moment.

Daniel was welcome back as a full member of SG-1 and Jonas Quinn
returned to his world.

Personality: (at least 100 words, please)

Daniel's very good natured, a very hard worker (where work is his
passion and his life--he has no hobbies outside of his work) and an
excellent friend. If he can do something for someone, he will, without a single thought. While he thinks very little on his successes, or his helpfulness (most likely thinking them as "things that need to be done"), he takes his failures personally and holds them against himself. Since ascending, however, he has conquered the feelings toward his previous failures, such as blaming himself for the death of Sha're.

He sort of holds a happy exterior up to his friends. He doesn't allow himself to show his grieving to others, but he will comfort others around him who are grieving. Since becoming friends and comrades with Col. Jack O'Neill, Daniel has become much more snottier in his later years with the SGC. He can fling some pretty good sarcastic comments when pressed for them.
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